It's Fresh new Sound On The Way For 'Raleigh's Own' R.O. Hutch #everytime


Hutch’s natural desire and passion for real music, beginning right after the  early tragic death of his father, and his natural abilities to transcribe lift into music will soon be recognized fully. Growing up the middle child of an older sister and a younger brother, being raised in the inner city of Raleigh, NC, would never break Hutch’s pursuit to be a star – even coming from poverty. It would only make him more determined and at the early ages of his childhood, he would become a pianist, conquering the skill of playing music and memorizing notes and keys.


Pursuing a music career would start in Hutch’s high school years, being mentored by his first cousin and platinum selling producer, Black Jeruz. ‘In this period of my life, I learned the importance of song formatting and good hooks,’ says Hutch, in reference to his initial phase of coming up in the music industry.

His first appearance in the underground circuit of artistry would be in 2008, with the dropping of his debut mixtape, ‘Southside Star’, where he would be recognized by listeners as a talented writer and emcee. Soon after getting his feet wet in the underground music industry of NC with his first release, a second EP by Hutch, entitled ‘I Am Raleigh’ would follow – presenting Hutch’s new growth and versatility.  His most recent single 'Playboi', a tasteful promo track, anticipating his upcoming release 'The City' EP, dropping this summer, is heating up in the streets of North Carolina.

"i'm wanting better for my niggas - i'm better for my niggas...that's why i gotta get it, keep my head up for my niggas!" - R.O. Hutch

Hutch’s latest release and extended play project, ‘Mind of Mine’ consists of nine original tracks. This project has landed features on sites like ,, and more. Standing out in any crowd, with unique lyricism and beast production, separates Hutch from the majority. R.O. will soon release 'The City' EP, this upcoming summer. Watch out for 'How It Go', another single from the project that's up and coming. You’d want to stay tuned to what he has in store next.